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Welcome to  Baltimore City Public Schools

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About City Schools

Teacher Support Services (TSS)

Head of the Department:

Bert Ross

Mission Statement:

The City Schools ITD Teacher Support System is dedicated to the delivery of curriculum, resources, training, services and innovative uses of instructional technology to all schools and offices in City Schools by making use of the Internet to provide anytime and any place training for staff.

What We Do:

Web Services Team

  • Resolve any City Schools intranet web related issues.

Audio and Video

  • The taping of school events, presentations and meetings, and event support.
  • The encoding and file conversion of audio and video files.


  • Provide access and support for United Streaming
  • Point of contact for any issues related to TSS/Black Board
  • Create and maintain on-line course opportunities for all City Schools classrooms

Technology Integration and Support

  • Develop online courses for teachers, administrators and students

Administrative Training

  • Provide training opportunities for all administrative applications used in City Schools

Contact Information:

Address – 2500 E. Northern Parkway Room 106A
Phone Numbers – 443-984-1550

How to reach us:

Web Services Team

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